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Look at it Like a Buyer

First impressions are probably more important in selling your house than almost anything else, except the price. So, when you put your house on the market it will pay to make sure it looks it's best!

How? By looking at your house as if you were a prospective buyer.

Pretend you're seeing it for the first time, and try to notice its highlights and drawbacks. Then, start sprucing up in order to emphasize and add to its highlights. That's often easier said than done however, because you may overlook something unless you spruce systematically. So, we've provided a downloadable/printable checklist below!

***Click on the links below to access printable documents with more Tips and a Checklist for getting your home ready to sell, as well as 8 ways to stage your home! Compliments of Hexter-Fair First American Title.***

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