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Marketing Plan

There are Two Major Points to understand about the Cami and Associates marketing plan:

  1. Cami and Associates markets to Two different groups of people
    1. Potential Buyers
    2. The Realtor/ Broker Community
  2. The National Association of Realtors has done numerous studies that show a buyer will buy the home they call about less than 5% of the time.


  • For Sale Sign - Cami and Associates signs are highly visible throughout our community. These signs generate phone calls, which Cami and Associates specializes in turning into buyers.
  • Internet - We have our own internet web site ( and are linked to, a top 20 mega site. Also, each home we list will be assigned its own website that will provide prospective buyers with all the information they could need, in a manner that is more attractive than your typical MLS listing. This website will push your home listing to approximately 850 different listing sites. We will also share these listings on our Facebook and Our Marketing efforts ensure maximum exposure for your listing!
  • Home of the Month Newspaper Ads - We will run "Home of the Month" ads on an as scheduled basis.
  • Postcards - Are mailed out to all your surrounding neighbors. They may know someone that is waiting to move into the neighborhood right now.
  • Home Brochures - Are left in your home for prospective purchasers to take with them for later reference.
  • Monthly Newsletter - Cami and Associates' monthly newsletter is sent out every month and is delivered to over 1,200 contacts. Your home will be listed monthly and will be featured on as an scheduled basis.


  • MLS - We immediately place each listing in our Multiple Listing Service. This makes your home available to every realtor in the North Texas real estate area.
  • Flyers - We send flyers about your property to all offices in the area.

Click Here to view a flip book of how our marketing websites can enhance the sale of your home!

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