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Why use a professional REALTOR® for selling?

Selling your home may sound easy. You buy a "for sale by owner" sign, put it in your yard and wait for a buyer to come along and write you a check for your asking price.

But wait. It may be a little more complex that that and a whole lot more than you've bargained for.

There are multifaceted issues involved in the sale of your property. Most buyers need financing. Buyers want to be shown property during the day or in the evening when you have other obligations. There are often too many inquiries about your property from buyers who are "just looking." Handling the many aspects of your sale takes a lot of time.

The most valuble tool a seller can use is a personal REALTOR®. From contract to closing a personal REALTOR® takes on many details for you in selling your property. These are some of the ways a REALTOR® can help you:

  • Advertising your property.
  • Placing your property in the Multiple Listing Service so that other REALTORS® in the area are aware that your property is on the market. They, too, can work for you!
  • Checking to see what other compatible properties are selling for and verify if your price is too high or too low.
  • Working with the buyer to answer questions so that your time will not be interrupted.
  • Handling the necessary paperwork when your property sells.

Doesn't it make sense to let Cami and Associates help you get the most from your investment?

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