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Tips for Showing Your Home

First impressions are lasting. When you are serious about selling your home, a few simple steps can make your home look, smell and feel more appealing to prospective buyers. These may seem like common sense or a lot of work for you, but remember, our aim is to get you the top price for your home. These tips will help you meet your goal!

TIP #1: Take a look at the front entrance - First Impressions are so important! Remove any distractions that would not enhance the curb appeal of your home. It may take a small investment of a few hours of time and energy to get your yard mowed and shrubs trimmed, but it will pay off! It also helps to clear your walkway and porch of clutter.

Tip #2: Take a look around the inside of your home. If any clutter is distracting to you, it will probably also be distracting to a prospective buyer. You will need to pack, so why not get started now?

Tip #3: Make lighting in your home the “Welcome Sign” for prospective buyers. Please turn on all exterior and interior lights, including accent & picture lights. Open all blinds and drapes to let in natural light as well.

Tip #4: Nothing makes a home more appealing than a table set for dinner. Set your table as though you are expecting dinner guests. Fresh flowers or a pretty silk arrangement centerpiece is also very appealing.

Tip #5: When your home is being shown, have all TV’s turned off. Turn the stereo off as well, or have it turned to soft classical music. Let your prospective buyers talk calmly without having to yell over any noise.

Tip #6: If you, the owner, are present during a showing, the buyers won’t feel comfortable. During the showing, take a nice drive or brisk walk around the neighborhood. If you must be in the home, stay in one room. This will give the prospective buyers privacy and time to think!

Tip #7: Having pets around the house is wonderful…...except when showing your home! Many people are afraid of dogs or allergic to cats. If possible, take the dog out for a drive with you or put the cat in a favorite sleeping place. You want the prospective buyers’ attention to be focusing on your home, not your pet.

Tip #8: Wake up the prospect to the cozy comforts of your home. Get rid of excess furniture. Brighten up a bedroom with fresh bedding. Also, be sure to show plenty of wall space so the buyer can see your home's entire potential.

Tip #9: Make your Bathroom Sparkle! Bathrooms can sell a home, so let them shine! Check and repair damaged tile and caulking and put out your best towels, mats and decorative items to show its full potential.

***Click on the links below to access printable documents with more Tips and a Checklist for getting your home ready to sell, as well as 8 ways to stage your home! Compliments of Hexter-Fair First American Title.***

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