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Who Should Sell Your Home?

You or Me?

  • Do you have sufficient knowledge to price your home or property?
  • Are you aware of the ever-changing market conditions and of recent sales or similar homes or property in your area?
  • Do you have the skills and resources to advertise and market your home or property effectively? Are you prepared to pay months of newspaper advertising costs and be available to handle calls?
  • Do you know what financing is available? This is one of the first questions a buyer will ask. Are you informed about FHA, VA, PMI and other financing methods?
  • Do you have a network of contacts to produce potential buyers? Are you able to screen out unqualified prospects - people who are just curious? Are you comfortable inviting strangers into your home who stop by at 9:00pm because they saw your sign?
  • Are you available seven days a week to show your home or property? (Buyers will expect you to be available at their convenience, not yours).
  • Do you have good negotiating skills? Are you comfortable haggling face-to-face over the price?
  • Will you be ready to reveal known defects of your home? Do you know what you are required by law to reveal?
  • Can you write a binding contract? Do you have Offer Forms readily available? Do you have a lawyer to advise you on essential terms that must be in the contract?
  • Can you close a sale? Are you familiar with the many steps required after an offer has been accepted?

If you answered "No" to any of theses questions, please call Cami today to discuss how she can help?

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